Due to increasing water scarcity, drinking water is becoming more precious than ever. Faecal effluent can contaminate drinking water.

Small water treatment plant operate on the basis of chemical water purification. The water treatment technology is SBR (sequenced batch reactor). In the system, the water is treated on different levels to separate solids which are subsequently pumped into a part of the tank called SBR. The system consists of four phases (pumping, ventilation, standstill, pumping of purified water). The SBR technology is considered to be one of the most efficient wastewater treatment technologies as it is 99% treatment effective.

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The water purification process takes place throughout the day. Its final product is clean water.
The inflow of wastewater is led to the settling tank. The wastewater is subsequently pumped into the aeration chamber, into which oxygen used to mixed water is blown.
The microorganisms present in the chamber decompose biological material in the wastewater.
The sludge formed during the process is collected at the bottom of the container, while in the upper part of the container clean water is produced.
Pumping. During this process, through pumps clean water is pumped into the disinfection field where with the help of the UV light all microorganisms are destroyed. Using a special pump, the resulting sludge is re-pumped into the aeration chamber where it is re-purified and completely decomposed.
The beginning of a new cycle.
The final products are clean water and a complete decomposition of the biological waste.

  • Control: possible via GMS mobile device
  • Installation: very fast
  • Advantages: long service life, 100%impermeability. Using additional equipment we can purify the water with 15 mg/l BOD5, 75 mg/l COD, 10 mg/l NH4N, 25 mg/l Ngas.

The process control is performed automatically. The variations are thus eliminated, guaranteeing high quality process at all times.