Air washers or scrubbers are integral parts of technological objects. Using the multi-stage neutralization technology with static chargers they remove unpleasant odours. The devices enable the removal of solid particles due to the contact of polluted gas and liquid. Scrubbers are devices that operate on the basis of absorption.


Scrubbers are most commonly used for cleaning flue gases that contain sulphur dioxide SO2, ammonia NH3, volatile organic compounds, hydrogen halides, hydrogen sulphide H2S, or for removing small solid particles.
Most commonly used media for gas scrubbing are: water – H2O (purification of ammonia NH3, of halides), alkaline solutions (used for removing acidic components), alkaline-oxidation solutions (removal of hydrogen peroxide H2O2), Na2S4 solutions, for the removal of mercury (Hg)…

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Air washers – scrubbers:

Versions: vertical or horizontal

Advantages: Colour according to the customer’s wishes, the addition of UV stabilizer for ensuring a 100% UV resistance, low weight due to the special spiro design Options: air humidifiers, lamella separators, droplet separators, pH dosing, according to the customer’s wishes.

Resistance: to different media.