Material: HPDE (PE), PP



Our offer of reservoirs / tanks includes vertical and horizontal as well as underground and above-ground reservoirs. Reservoirs are made of thermoplastic materials. The most commonly used are PEHD and PP. Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are resistant to the majority of chemical compounds, acids and bases. PE is temperature resistant in the range – 30 oC to + 80 oC, while polypropylene is used in the temperature range -10 oC to + 100 oC. The material which reservoirs are made of is tasteless and odourless which prevents algae and bacteria from growing. Reservoirs are used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical industry, wastewater industry (water plants, cleaning plants) and in other technological facilities. Reservoirs can be made in various shapes according to the customer’s needs. The reservoirs for special purposes of storage or transportation of hazardous substances are made using a special design – a double walled reservoir.

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horizontal, vertical, custom made according to the customer’s wishes.
Bottom: conical, flat, obliquecustom made according to the customer’s wishes

Version: single-layer, double-layer

Advantages: the addition of 2,0 – 2,5 % UV stabilizer to the base material for complete resistance to UV rays. Low weight design of thick-walled or two-layer reservoirs due to their special spiro design. Colour according to the customer’s wishes – colour does not fade. Easy to clean due to its soft interior. No longitudinal welding, flexibility.

Options: various connectors, cover, staircase to the top of a vertical reservoir, catch container, conical cover for drainage of precipitation water for outdoor installation, ladders…

Resistance: to various aggressive media (bases, acids, salts)

Usage: chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, oil industry, in cleaning plants, water plants, paper industry, cement industry…