Galvanization is the process of applying very thin layers of selected metal to the surface of another metal at the molecular level. The most commonly used metallic thin layers or coatings (most commonly used terms) are chromium plating, nickel plating, and zinc plating.
In galvanic processes, chemical pre-treatment lines are used for bluing, phosphate coating, removal, etching, and surface cleaning. There are various types of galvanic lines which can be distinguished according to the transport system (manual lines, lines with two rail overhead transporter, lines with portal transporter, mechanized lines, lines with side-arm transporter).
We can offer you tubs, containers and other thermoplastic products that are used in the abovementioned lines.

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Tubs, containers

  • Shapes: rectangular, square, round
  • Bottom: flat, oblique, conical or according to the customer’s wishes
  • Dimensions: according to the customer’s wishes
  • Versions: square with steel reinforcements, stainless steel reinforcements, thermoplastic reinforcements
  • Usage: galvanic lines, fish farms, wastewater treatment, neutralization pools.
  • Material: PP, PE, PVC, or according to the customer’s wishes